Philadelphia, PA

Ticket & Pricing Information

90 minutes: $45
3 and 4 hours: $85
6 hours: $155

Most workshops also include a materials fee. You will receive a FREE 3-Day general admission pass in your cart when you register for at least one 3-hour or longer workshop

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General Admission
Online 1-Day: $4  Click HERE to purchase.

Online 3-Day: $9  Click HERE to purchase.

At the Door: 1-Day $10  |  3-Day $15

FREE 3-Day pass with 3-hour or longer workshop.

Processing Fee: $5 per online/phone order

How to Register

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Cancellation Policy: Tickets to Bead Fest are sold on the same basis as those for cultural performances, football games and other one-time events. Mark your calendar carefully since all admission and class tickets are non-refundable. Please send someone in your place if you are unable to attend.

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